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Communication, HR and Marketing Careers Week

From October 10th to 14th, we will direct the spotlight on marketing, HR and communications careers! Be it in the private sector, the public sector, or in an international organization, a vast range of career opportunities awaits you after graduation. Are you into communications ? Then you may choose to work in strategic planning, or as public, corporate, international or internal communications manager. You may also want to consider a career as an advocacy manager or as a communications consultant. Is digital marketing your thing? Then you might want to look into careers as a data & digital manager, a brand manager, or a digital marketing manager.


Tuesday 11 October

13h-14h - Working in communications (en anglais)

Moderator: Gabrielle de Mijolla, Careers advisor Sciences Po Careers

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Thursday 13 October

14h45-16h - Les métiers RH : au coeur du projet humain et sociétal des entreprises (in French)

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focus on the School of management and impact

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Nicolas, Conseiller auprès du président, Publicis media

Ecole d'affaires publiques, promo 2018

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Sarah, Trend and Digital Strategy consultant, Rebellion

School of Management and Impact, promo 2019


Asgerdur, Director of Strategy and Communications, The Artic Circle

School of International Affairs

offres en cours

Stage Chef de projet Communication digitale, Bouygues Telecom
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Stage Développement économique et marketing territorial, Etablissement Public d'Aménagement Paris-Saclay
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Stage chef de projet marketing digital, EDF
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Stage Community management et marketing Global Climate Initiative
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Stage Chargé d'études quantitatives IPSOS
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