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Apprenticeship Fair 2024

forum apprentissage
On April 4, 2024, the apprenticeship forum will take place. On this occasion, students and recruiters will have the opportunity to exchange with the aim of signing an apprenticeship contract.

Fifteen master's programs are currently open for apprenticeships in the second year. This formula is highly appreciated by both companies and students as it allows for the training of young professionals who, thanks to an excellent combination of theoretical and practical training, are immediately operational. Indeed, it enables students to directly apply what they learn during the academic year.





You are a student

Are you looking for an apprenticeship for the 2024 intake? Meet around twenty recruiters and explore their numerous offers from March 20th to April 4th.

To better equip yourself for the forum, an online preparation conference is scheduled for Friday, March 29th.

Fair program :

  • From March 25 onwards: log in to Seekube, create your candidate profile, access the online company booths, check out job offers, submit your applications, and request individual interviews with recruiters.
  • Thursday, April 4: Meet the recruiters online!

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You are a recruiter

Come recruit our students from our 15 apprenticeship master's programs and present your company.

Fair program :

  • Before March 20th: set up your virtual booth, add your team members, fill in your availability slots, post your job offers, and schedule your live sessions.
  • From March 27th to April 3rd: each team member confirms or declines appointment requests submitted by students and graduates. Team members can also propose appointments.
  • Thursday, April 4th: meet the students.

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Discover the career paths of those who have chosen apprenticeship:

On average, students from apprenticeship programs are 82.9% employed within three months after graduation, compared to 72% for students from other programs. Apprenticeship thus confirms its status as a stepping stone to employment. (Graduate employability survey, class of 2021).

Souhail El Fati, a graduate of the Master's in Territorial and Urban Strategy in 2020:

"The apprenticeship program is arguably the best way to refine one's professional project. It's an opportunity to step out of one's comfort zone and explore new professional horizons. Personally, I chose to do my apprenticeship at the TRANS-FAIRE consulting firm, specializing in environmental quality. This experience allowed me to better understand the challenges related to sustainable development and their impacts on architectural and urban creation."

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Romain, a graduate of the Master's program in HR and Sustainable Governance:

"I completed my apprenticeship at Natixis Asset Management (now Ostrum Asset Management) in a position as a generalist HR. This role allowed me to experience the major annual campaigns and projects that punctuate the life of an HR department (people review, annual evaluation campaign, training campaign, recruitment of apprentices and interns...). [...] Thanks to my year of apprenticeship, I was able to experience the daily operations within an HR department and decide that I preferred to start my career in consulting, to continue developing my skills while exploring different companies and contexts."

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Luca, a graduate of the 2022 Communication, Media, and Creative Industries master's program:

"Apprenticeship is a much more committed contract than an internship. One year is a long time. I think it's a format that suits those who already have an idea of what they want to do next and who are confident in choosing where to spend the next 12 months. We learn faster, we have a better chance of getting a permanent position at the end, but we also project ourselves more quickly into professional life and a career."

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