Marie Alexandra Bernier
In October 2015, Marie-Alexandra Bernier, a first-year Master’s student in Economic Law, was looking for her gap year’s second internship. Having been told about the opportunities at the 2015 Sciences Po Job Fair, she tried her luck and landed an internship as legal expert at the Legal Department of Casino. She tells us about her experience at the Fair…


Career services – Did you prepare specifically for the Fair ? 

Marie-Alexandra Bernier (M-A.B) – I was looking for an internship in a legal department for the second part of my gap year. I went through the list of companies participating to the Fair and after a quick search on the internet, I selected about fifteen companies which were of interest to me for several reasons : their sector of activity and the challenges associated to that sector, their international presence and their attractiveness for students and young graduates. This upstream research allowed me first, to discern the companies that I wanted to meet in priority, and second, make comments or ask questions about current happenings in the company during interviews. Finally, the module « Career Building » offered by the Career Services undoubtedly contributed to better my knowledge about the profession of legal expert as well as to clarify my career plan, which allowed me to appear more convincing during interviews.

How did you introduce yourself at the stand of Casino  ?

M-A.B – I introduced myself as a Master’s student in Economic Law, on a gap year, looking for an internship in a legal department for the second half of my gap year, from the month of January.

How did that first interview go? 

M-A.B – I discussed my professional and academic experiences (3rd year in Colombia, first internship in a law firm), as well as my interest in the business world, with the Director of the HR Group Development. I explained my particular interest in the Casino Group, notably because of its major presence in Latin America. We then continued talking about the Latin- American branches of the Group…

"Research the companies which interest you, prepare to present yourself in two minutes and show your enthusiasm ! »

Marie Alexandra Bernier – Master’s student in Economic Law

What were the next steps to the recruiting process ?

M-A.B – After the Fair, I was contacted by Casino's Legal Director’s assistant, who offered me an interview in the company’s premises. I got the internship offer for the Legal Department of the Group after that interview. 

What were your main duties as an intern in the Casino Group ?

M-A.B – During this second internship, which took place between the 4th of January and the 17th of July 2016, I assisted the Legal Director of the Group as well as different Legal Directors from other business units concerning a variety of regulatory issues and practices, by researching and writing briefing notes. I got the opportunity to regularly participate in legal symposiums as well as present the current legal events to the Legal Department’s Executive Comity. 

How did this internship help you with the next steps in your career ?

M-A.B – This internship allowed me to familiarise myself with the key challenges of a major distribution company highly developed on the international scene. It was a real asset for my career plan since after my second year of master’s which should include studying abroad in Brezil, I wish to begin my career in a large group like Casino.


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