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Journalism School immediately immerses its students in their chosen profession through a study programme conducted under newsroom conditions. Right from the start of the Master’s programme, students live the life of a journalist while being encouraged to reflect on the raison d’être of their profession, its development through history and its daily impact.

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Double diplôme Columbia / Sciences Po

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Masters day 2019

Testimonies of reporters

where do graduates work?

Destinations by sectors

32% Digital journalism
(news sites, news start-ups, pure players)
28% Multimedia and TV journalism
(television, audiovisual production, online videos)
10% Agency journalism
(AFP, Bloomberg, Reuters)
9% Print media
8% Radio
14% Other (start ups, studies)


Journalist - Reporter - Local affairs correspondent - Video
journalist - Presenter - Editor - Producer

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Aurore LE GRIX DE LA SALLE, Academic manager

Last modified 2020-08-19
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