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PSIA is a fully bilingual school (French-English) that offers a wide range of professional specialisations, both by subject and region, to prepare students for all types of international careers: from international organisations and NGOs to public administration, think tanks and transnational companies. The wealth of PSIA’s course offerings enables students from a wide variety of backgrounds to go on to impactful positions concerned with the major international challenges of the present and future.

in brief

Masters programmes of the School

Double degree programmes

  • International: Columbia University - SIPA - FreïeUniversitat - Georgetown Law - King’s College London -London School of Economics - MGIMO - Peking University - Bocconi University - University of St Gallen - Stockholm School of Economics
  • In France:  AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences) - ISAE-Supaero (Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space Engineering) - St-Cyr Coëtquidan - Sorbonne Universités - UMPC

school presentation in video

School presentation

Campus Chanel Video



Where do young graduates work?

Destinations by sector

18% Public administration / public sector
18% International Organisations
15% Audit - consulting
12% NGOs - Associations
8% Education - Research- Think Tank
6% Industry - Energy - Transports
6% Environment
4% Banking- Insurance- Finance
3% Technology, Data, Web
2% Communication
2% Press - Media - Edition

Destinations by role

International relations / public affairs consultant - Diplomatic service - Writer - Researcher - Diplomat - Public policy officer - Project Manager - Social economy entrepreneur - Foreign policy analyst - Consultant - Public policy advisor - Country Manager - Project evaluator - Public policy evaluator - Journalist - Field officer.

Testimonies of students and young graduates

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Website of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)


Véronique JAFFRO, Careers adviser

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