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Sciences Po Careers' Workshops: An Opportunity To Find Your True Calling

Point your career plan in the right direction, practice job interviews, improve your CV and your cover letter writing, learn to network efficiently and to find an internship or a first job with social networks: every year Sciences Po Careers offer over 200 workshops to assist you and facilitate your professional integration. Interview with Fabrice Barthélemy, Manager of Sciences Po Careers Workshops

For whom are these workshops intended?

Fabrice Barthélemy (F.B.) : For all French and International students as soon as they enter Sciences Po's Undergraduate Program until their departure after their last year of Master's. Sciences Po graduates may also attend up until 2 years after their graduation. Most workshops are offered both in English and in French.

When should you register for these workshops?

(F.B.) : Sciences Po Careers offer workshops all year long, taking into account both the students' needs and the yearly events (preparation for the Sciences Po Business Fair, Orientation Week...). Registering is very simple! Just go to your Student Space and choose the workshop you wish to attend.

How do workshops usually proceed?

(F.B.) : The workshops usually last about two hours and align as much as possible with class times. They are animated by professionals of the topic addressed. The goal is for young graduates and students in small groups to ask all the questions and acquire all the knowledge necessary to, for example, write a CV or a cover letter, or succeed at a job interview.

What is new for the 2017-2018 school year?

(F.B.) : We're putting emphasis on offering workshops in English - the workshops "LinkedIn" and "Networking Efficiently" for example, only existed in French until this year. The success of the workshop "Build a Career Plan" ensured its return this year - we will also be offering self-knowledge workshops, using the very well-known MBTI tool. Finally, we are testing new workshops such as "Storytelling: Design Your Life", an English workshop held by an American professional teaching students to narrate their professional experiences as a coherent story. Probably the most efficient way to convince a recruiter!"

Last modified 2017-09-08
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