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Survey on young graduates employability

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Where are Sciences Po's young graduates one year after they graduate? Our survey on student job market entry provides important quantitative information on how our students start their careers, and how they evolve. It constitutes a valuable database and market feedback, allowing to constantly improve Sciences Po's academic offering. By sharing information about their professional development, our graduates help the following generations of students attain their objectives more effectively.


The 2014 survey on the employability of recent Sciences Po graduates* confirms the trends observed over the two last years. The Sciences Po diploma remains a strong asset, providing rapid access to the job market.


Young graduates gain rapid access to the job market

  • 77% of the 2013 graduates chose to join the workforce (others pursued their studies) and 86 % of them found a job
  • 81 % of the students who entered the job market found a job with six months following graduation. Among these students, 37 % were even recruited prior to graduation
  • 39 % of the graduates start their career abroad
  • Jobs obtained in Europe (not including France) have increased: 51% in the 2014 survey against 47 % in the 2013 edition. The geographic distribution of jobs in other regions remains unchanged: 9% of the graduates work in Africa, 19% in Asia-Oceania, 10% in Central and Latin America and 11 % in North America.

Young graduates hold stable and well-paid positions

  • The average gross annual salary is high at 43,000 euros, going as high as 50,000 euros for 20 % of the graduates.

Sciences Po graduates work primarily in the  private sector

  • 69 % of the employed graduates work in the private sector, 23,5 % in the public sector and 7,5 % joined an international organisation or a European institution.
  • Many Sciences Po graduates work in the audit and consulting sectors, public administration, the banking and finance sectors, insurance, industry, energy and transportation. These sectors represent 50 % of all hires. 

key data

69% work in the private sector
23.5% work in the national public sector
39% work outside of France
43 856€ : average gross annual salary qfter 15 months
→ 80% required less than 6 months to find a job


Head of careers service

Félicité Gasparetto

about the survey

* The survey was conducted during the summer of 2014 among the graduates of the class of 2013. It was conducted by the Centre d'Etudes Européennes (CEE) and the The Center for Socio-Political Data at Sciences Po.


Last modified 2015-09-16
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