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Why are they recruiting from Sciences Po?

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During the international career fair at Sciences Po from the 16 to 20 February, recruiters shared why they seek out Sciences Po students in particular.

Language skills and adaptability

“Isover Saint Gobain is a company located in 39 countries and gathering more than 10,000 employees around the globe. For our VIE positions in marketing, we recruit graduates from the best universities, and Sciences Po is one of them. Sciences Po graduates are particularly interesting due to their solid linguistic skills, international openness, and ability to understand the culture of another country. During their studies at Sciences Po, students learn how to approach unknown disciplines. This curiosity and ability to understand new contexts is essential for us, and not just for our engineers.” Stéphane Demontoux (photo), HR Manager, Saint Gobain Isover

Entrepreneurial spirit and international openness

“Acted (Agence d'Aide à la Coopération Technique Et au Développement) is an NGO present in 35 countries that brings together 4,000 people around the world. In terms of personality, we recruit Sciences Po students because they demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, and desire to be involved. The international openness of graduates is also a real asset for our organisation which recruits 90 percent of its team members from abroad. At Acted, two-thirds of interns are recruited for a post abroad. For example, we recruited a student from Sciences Po as an intern three years ago. Today, she is a Country Director for Acted.” Yohann Salamat, Recruiter at Acted

Curiosity and ability to understand a wide range of missions

“Alphasights is a consulting firm located in London, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York. Sciences Po is among the best universities that educate the best candidates. Sciences Po profiles are particularly adapted to Alphasights needs: they speak multiple languages thanks to their diverse experiences abroad, they are curious, and they have a generalist education. This last element is essential for us: we are seeking adaptable individuals capable of understanding a wide range of missions.” Bertrand Colle, Analyst at Alphasights
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