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Doing an internship at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Would you like to do an internship with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs? The MEAE offers you the opportunity to do an internship in France or abroad, with a wide variety of missions on all continents.
étudiante en mission à World Food programme

First year civic internship

As a first year student, the civic internship is a compulsory part of your civic programme at the Undergraduate College. It is worth 3 ECTS credits and is an essential fieldwork component of your Bachelor’s degree.
work abroad

Third year internship abroad

The hybrid year provides you the opportunity to carry out a 4 months-long internship experience abroad. In choosing this format, you have the possibility to discover new market sectors and professional activities, to grow in autonomy and gain confidence, alongside a valuable experience of a new culture and the learning of a new language in a professional environment.

Gap year internships

During your years of study at Sciences Po, you may choose to take a gap year, either between your Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes or between the first and second years of your Master’s degree. Together with your compulsory internships, a gap year is a great way to try out new fields and types of job, learn new skills, and narrow down your career goals and/or your choice of final internship.
mains solidaires

Second year independent civic project internship

The independent civic project internship is a compulsory part of the Undergraduate College Civic Learning Programme. Students work on individual or group projects over the two semesters of study, complementing the experience gained during their first-year civic internship. The civic project module counts for 3 ECTS credits and is an essential component of the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Optional internships

It is possible to do several optional internships during your years of study at Sciences Po. Together with your compulsory internships, they are a great way to try out new fields and types of job, and can help you narrow down your career goals and/or your choice of final internship.

Compulsory master's internship

The compulsory internship during your semester off-campus is an integral part of the second year of your Master’s programme and can be a gateway to your first job. It allows you to put the academic knowledge acquired during the semesters of teaching at Sciences Po into practice and to strengthen your professional skills. To ensure your internship runs smoothly and can be validated, you must respect certain formalities:

Victoire est étudiante du master politiques publiques (Ecole d'affaires publiques). Elle a rejoint en janvier 2023 la Direction de l’Engagement de Paris 2024 pour un stage aux côtés des équipes du Label Terre de Jeux 2024. Focus sur ses missions en lien avec les collectivités, pour faire vivre les Jeux dans les territoires.
Launched by two graduates (class of 2020) from Law School : Agnès de Fortanier (Master in Economic Law) and Thomas Harbor (dual degree Sciences Po HEC), What's up EU is a newsletter putting together a concise, well-documented, and informative weekly wrap-up of the news that matters at a continental scale — from a European perspective. Sciences Po Careers interviewed Augustin Bourleaud, in charge of its edition, who is currently a double master's degree student between Sciences Po and the London School of Economics.
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