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de leusse

Joséphine, 24 ans, analyste chez Raise, un fonds d’investissement à impact

Après avoir exploré les chemins de l’investissement et de la tech pendant ses études, Joséphine de Leusse décide d’allier les deux lorsqu’elle prend conscience du manque de prise en compte des enjeux écologiques dans ces domaines-là.

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The current digital revolution is impacting all of society's actors in all of their relationships and social interactions: citizens, companies, economic and political organizations, all of our activities are now connected, measured, analyzed, stored and predictable. Faced with this profound transformation that affects all sectors of the economy, new professions have emerged: data analyst, data scientist, data protection officer, artificial intelligence or digital transformation consultant...what skills does the Sciences Po profile have to offer that are in demand in this sector? From January 24 to 28, as part of Data and Digital Careers Week, professionals will advise you and graduates will inspire you during career roundtables and presentations.
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