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"I am convinced of the potential of the African continent"

Guillaume Koukoui is a 2022 graduate of the Master in International Economic Policy. A French-Beninese, he is currently Private Secretary to the Ambassador, Deputy Head of Mission. In parallel to his activities, he co-founded Nyota, a CV library dedicated to the African continent, which aims to connect students and graduates with recruiters on that region. A member of the Cercle Afrique, Guillaume will lead a round table on career opportunities in Africa. Tuesday 14 March 2023 from 12 to 1pm at Sciences Po.

What is your background after Sciences Po?

I have long had an attraction for diplomacy (in all its forms!), with a profile and experiences halfway between the public and private world. I had the opportunity to be hired in the commercial section of the UK Embassy in France, following my final-year internship in the same department. My role was to assist French and British companies on both sides of the Channel.

Following this experience, I was hired at the Beninese Embassy in Paris where I am now Private Secretary to the Ambassador, Deputy Head of Mission. In this very "Swiss Army knife" role (no pun intended), I support the Ambassador in the conduct of Benin's diplomacy, particularly at the WTO and the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Why did you set up Nyota? 

NYOTA ("star" in Swahili) is the first CV library entirely dedicated to the African continent. It was born from my encounters, my passion for entrepreneurship and the special bond I have with the African continent.

After joining a Junior Enterprise dedicated to Africa during my studies (Africa Youth Consulting), we noticed the chronic recruitment difficulties that particularly affected the African continent. On the one hand, there is a lack of readability of job offers and on the other hand, a lack of qualified data to find the best profiles.

Together with four colleagues from Africa Youth Consulting, we therefore decided to create this database of CVs, coupled with a profile pre-selection algorithm, in order to find the rare pearl, the "stars" for the continent's best recruiters (consultancy firms, investment funds, international organisations, start-ups etc.) The students only have to register and the recruiters come directly to them.

A word to the students? 

I am more than convinced of the potential of the African continent! (and I'm not the only one suffering from this syndrome). If I had two pieces of advice: cultivate your network and follow your passions (even the craziest and most "utopian" ones): this is a state of mind that I acquired at Sciences Po hat has always served me well!

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