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Third year internship abroad

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The hybrid year provides you the opportunity to carry out a 4 months-long internship experience abroad. In choosing this format, you have the possibility to discover new market sectors and professional activities, to grow in autonomy and gain confidence, alongside a valuable experience of a new culture and the learning of a new language in a professional environment.

Information session on the 3rd year internship for the 2024/2025

Are you currently a 3rd year student ?

See conditions of the 3rd year internship abroad in 2023-2024

Are you currently a 2nd year student ?

See conditions of the 3rd year internship abroad in 2024-2025

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Breakdown of 3rd year Internships by geographic area

→ 42% Western Europe
→ 12% Subsaharan Africa
→ 11% North America
→ 11% Asia
→ 11% Middle East
→ 5 % Maghreb
→ 4% Latin America
→ 4 % Eastern Europe
→ 1% Oceania


Do I have to pay to find an internship?

Some organisations may ask you for membership or a paid subscription to give you access to various services (proofreading of your CV, database of internship and job offers, work placement abroad, support, etc.). Before committing:

  • Check the trustworthiness of the organisation to avoid any disappointment (very high cost, internship offers not adapted to your profile, etc.): do not hesitate to check the legal functions of the structure,
  • Organise a meeting (physical, telephone, etc.) with your contact person to ensure reliability of the content and of the service offered to you as well as all related costs,
  • Get in touch with former subscribers to the organisation in order to find out what they think!



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