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Recruit our students and graduates

Would you like to recruit an intern, apprentice, or future collaborator from Sciences Po? Discover the internship and apprenticeship calendars of Sciences Po according to the profiles you are looking for. Throughout the year, you can post your offers on our job boards and participate in our career forums and events, either in person or remotely.

From the 1st year of the Bachelor’s program to the Master's, 14,000 students from over 150 nationalities acquire the fundamental knowledge and professional skills necessary to take on responsible roles in a constantly changing international environment: 65% of them join the private sector after graduation, 20% the public sector, and 12% international organizations.

Analytical ability, intellectual agility and curiosity, writing proficiency, and great adaptability are among the distinctive qualities that attract recruiters: according to our annual employment survey, nearly one in two students is recruited before obtaining their degree in a wide range of sectors and functions.


Accessible with a Baccalaureate (or its equivalent abroad), Sciences Po's Undergraduate College is a three-year undergraduate program held on one of the institution's seven campuses. It leads to a Bachelor's degree (Bac +3).

Based on the study of humanities and social sciences, the program focuses on six main subjects—law, economics, humanities, history, political science, and sociology—supplemented by artistic and scientific disciplines. The objective is to provide students with all the tools to understand the contemporary world.

The first year is dedicated to learning the fundamental subjects. In the second year, students choose a major among "Economies and Societies," "Political Humanities," and "Politics and Government," each offering a multidisciplinary approach to current global issues. The third year is spent abroad. Students can either complete a full year of study at one of Sciences Po's 478 partner universities or a mixed year with one semester of internship.


Accessible with a Bac +3 level degree (license, bachelor's, or its equivalent abroad), the graduate programs last a minimum of two years. Our seven schools offer a wide range of educational programs leading to professional opportunities in all sectors. Students can pursue a master's degree through apprenticeships, a gap year, or a dual degree. The program leads to a master's degree (Bac +5).

Students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree (Bac +8) can join one of Sciences Po's five doctoral programs in law, economics, history, political science, and sociology, which are based on the research master's programs offered by the School of Research.


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Mandatory or optional internship periods punctuate the education of our students:

  • During the three years of the Bachelor's degree (Undergraduate College): first-year civic internship, free civic pathway internship in the second year, third-year internship
  • During the two years of the master's degree: gap year internships (between M1 and M2), mandatory internships in M2, optional part-time internships (for M1)

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Several master's programs at Sciences Po offer students the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship in the second year of their master's degree.

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First Employment

Each year, over 2,400 students graduate from Sciences Po and take on various roles in all sectors.

Where do our graduates work?

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