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14-18 February : International Organisations Career Fair

Sciences Po's employability survey shows that International Organisations are one of the key targets for many Sciences Po graduate students. They work in a variety of positions: analysts, specialized consultants, advocacy managers, project managers, foreign affairs specialists, policy advisors, program managers, lawyers, journalists...For one week, the School of International Affairs and the School of Public Affairs, in collaboration with Sciences Po Careers, are inviting 26 international organisations to meet with students and graduates.





  Monday 14 February Wednesday 16 February Friday 18 February
9:00-10:00   Meet&Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)
Meet&Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)
10:15-11:15 FAO UNESCO IAEA -
11:15-12:15 UNDP UNWTO DFI UNV
12:30-13:30 UNODC WHO ADB International Trade Center IOM
13:30-14:30 Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
14:45-15:45 UNIDO UNITAID UNODA AIIB UNHCR UNEP Environment Programme

15:45- 16:45


Criminal Court

17:00-18:00 UN Peacebuilding GIZ World Bank  UNOCHA
18:00-19:00 Meet & Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)
Meet&Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)
Meet&Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)
19:00 - 20:00 Meet & Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)
Meet&Greet with Alumni
(réservé aux étudiants de master)

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Amy, Stagiaire à l'ONU, Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Promotion 2020) 

''Graduating from PSIA in 2020 amidst the pandemic was real difficult, after several months of opportunity-hunting I finally landed myself an internship with the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA) in New York. I was part of the Myanmar Team. (...) PSIA and SciencesPo in general has a stellar reputation amongst international organisations. Learning from esteemed faculty like Dr. William Schabas, Dr. Nazand Begikhani, Mr. Antoine Bernard, having their recommendation and support throughout brought an edge to my applications. PSIA faculty has been extremely kind and helpful.  ''

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Valentin, Analyste à la Banque d'investissement européenne, Master in International Development (Promotion 2020)

''I consider my time at PSIA as crucially defining as it made me realize the amount of passion I have to work on development issues. Learning from established practitioners and studying with hundreds of idealistic, intelligent students inspired me to change my career path from private sector to development. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I never looked back. The highly divers student body also showed my how enriching and how much fun it is to work with people from all around the world.''

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Vaishnavi, Advisor au World Food Programme (Promotion 2020)

"The reason I chose SciencesPo over some other institutions in this range of ranking was because SciencesPo lets us really tailor the courses to our needs and pick the professors that interest us the most. Early on, I knew more than academics, I liked hands on learning and studying courses that had a real-life immersion/ scenario approach. I think working in that kind of setting gave me a good feel of what I ended up choosing career wise - humanitarian work. The inter disciplinary nature of SciencesPo's courses really helped me have transferable skills and a good grasp on a range of subjects."

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Stijn, Project Development & Reporting Officer, Master in International Security (Promotion 2019)

"Looking back, PSIA prepared me for this role in multiple ways: I use the strategies and approaches from the classes on diplomacy, negotiation, public speaking, and speechwriting at least once every day when discussing negotiating budgets or new projects with donors or counterparts in the Government of Niger. PSIA also allowed me to develop my own curriculum and to take classes on different topics in the same semester, taught me a lot on how to switch rapidly between complex subjects and how to filter key points from large amounts of information in short amounts of time (learned this the hard way with some all-nighters for paper deadlines…). "

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Annina, Consultante à l'UNESCO, Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Promotion 2021) 

"The experiences I had with the capstone and my thesis directly led to my current position by getting me in touch with the right people, so that is the most immediate thing that comes to mind. More broadly, I do make use of what I learned in courses on human rights law on a daily basis – we lean on the ICCPR and other instruments when arguing for how freedom of speech should be protected or restricted in certain situations. PSIA translates quite naturally to work within the UN system, especially in terms of the kinds of drafting assignments we end up doing a lot of the time – as well as the tight deadlines!"

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Till, Stagiaire au Parlement Européen, Master in International Economic Policy

When I look back at my time at PSIA, the friendships and personal connections I forged have and will continue to be the biggest contribution to both my career and personal development. I have never been to a place with a higher density of not only interesting but also interested people. You can meet the world through the people you encounter at Sciences Po, although it is important to note that some world regions are still underrepresented at Sciences Po. I enjoyed the attitude and the outgoing nature of the students I studied alongside. For me, this spirit created community from which I drew inspiration, energy, and resilience. And the great thing is: this sense of community lives on after your studies.

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More testimonies


Franck Gbaguidi, Advisor to the Managing Director at IFC, World Bank Group

"I particularly appreciated the practical aspects of the EAP training. We had the opportunity to do Team Projects, which are excellent introductions to consultancy work. I did mine with the European Investment Bank (EIB) on carbon risk management. It was a fantastic experience which inspired me to create and supervise two Team Projects a few years later and allow Sciences Po students to have their first professional experience at the World Bank. I also liked the very specializing nature of the program. In my case, I was in the "Energy, Environment and Sustainability" policy stream, which gave me the opportunity to take highly specialized courses and develop an expertise easily transferable to the World Bank. A concrete example? I recently designed the first course on clean energy cooking services, and the team that I put together is currently working on a second one. Last but not least, I loved the international aspect of the training. When I joined the EAP, it was the first time that the School was offering master's programs in English. This helped the EAP attract new profiles and enrich the classroom experience. International students brought new perspectives, ideas, and knowledge. Come to think of it, this environment was very similar to my current professional one.."

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Margaux Vincent, Analyst for the OECD on Public Finance and Decentralisation issues (Promotion 2017) 

I obtained a dual degree in Political Economy of Europe from Sciences Po and the London School of Economics, after a Bachelor's degree in Applied Economics, followed by a Master's degree in International Economics at the University of Paris-Dauphine. This dual degree brought a more political dimension to my economic career and focused it on public governance issues.

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Gesine Weber, Program assistant at the German Marshall Fund of the United States

I benefit in many different ways from my academic background at the School of Public Affairs. First of all, the knowledge I acquired during my studies is very important for my daily work because especially my tasks relating to policy analysis and research require a good understanding of EU security and defence policy, French foreign policy and international relations in broader terms. With regard to the classes I took at the School of Public Affairs, especially the class in Culture Générale is a clear asset for my work. This class, which was probably the most challenging of my entire academic path, has allowed me to develop a better understanding of complex global and European challenges by assessing them from a broader perspective; for me as a German, understanding the French approach of reflecting on these challenges is very helpful. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary education at the School of Public Affairs has definitely contributed to my ability to quickly grasp new topics outside my domaine of expertise, which facilitates my daily work enormously.


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Niklas Luksch, Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization coordinator at IOM Germany

"Currently, I am coordinating IOM Germany’s Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization (DRRM) team. In this capacity, I maintain a liaison with the Government of Germany, civil society and other IOs to coordinate and promote ongoing programs, build partnerships and mobilize additional resources. Amongst various other things, this involves organizing regular visits of IOM delegations to Germany, briefings to government and civil society counterparts as well as donor visits, drafting background notes and analyzing German and international migration-related policies. I can truly say that no two days are the same!"

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More testimonies


Salima Raoundi, Private Equity Analyst chez PROPARCO (AFD)

"Je suis arrivée du Maroc en 2019 pour intégrer le Master Finance et Stratégie Sciences Po Paris. Titulaire d’un Bachelor en Business Administration, j’ai bénéficié d’une formation pluridisciplinaire adossée à des échanges à l’international, en Espagne et aux États Unis. Avant de rejoindre les bancs de Sciences Po Paris, j’ai ajouté de nouvelles cordes à mon arc grâce à mon expérience dans une organisation internationale. (...) Lauréate du programme GIP de la Banque Mondiale, je suis actuellement en stage chez PROPARCO, filiale de l’Agence française de Développement, dont la mission est d’agir en faveur du développement durable en finançant et en accompagnant des entreprises, des institutions financières et des fonds d'investissement en Afrique, en Asie, en Amérique Latine et au Moyen Orient."

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