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Lazard has a simple and powerful model, focused on two businesses: Financial Advisory and Asset Management.
Lazard was built on the premise that a multicultural firm can serve a global clientele best. We are a united collection of individuals who respect each other’s differences.
Lazard’s offices around the world infuse the local flavor of their regions into a global network.
Our people come from more than 70 countries. We take pride in the rich diversity of our employees, and in our recruiting, we seek to continually enhance the mix.

Opportunités & missions pour nos étudiants

Lazard offers 50 internship positions (6 months duration) in Paris in Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Structure Advisory and Government Advisory.
Lazard offers an unparalleled opportunity to work as part of small clients teams on major strategic assignments.
Candidates should be top academic performers who are willing to work hard in un unstructured environment where initiative, creativity, maturity and enthusiasm for learning are highly valued. 

Candidates should be comfortable with financial concepts and enjoy quantitative work.

The core of Lazard’s success is its simple business model of Financial Advisory with a focus on excellence, intellectual rigor, integrity and creativity.

Retrouvez Lazard au Forum Carrières de SciencesPo vendredi 27 septembre 2019 à Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

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75008 PARIS, France

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Over the course of these three days, you will have the chance to meet with numerous Sciences Po students and graduates. All will be actively seeking internships (whether as a mandatory part of their master’s course or for a gap year), apprenticeships, fir
The results of the 2021 Graduate Employability Survey on the class of 2019 show that Sciences Po students remain very attractive to employers, with 9 out of 10 graduates in professional activity. Despite a job market facing difficulties, 82% of our 2019 graduates found their first job in less than 6 months, and nearly ¾ of them have a stable profession. There are still just as many (37%) working abroad, in 84 countries. Discover all the results of our survey!
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