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How the Marion Bruley grant helped me for my 3rd year internship

Augustin Chirol
Like all undergraduate Sciences Po students, Augustin has spent his third year abroad. He has taken advantage of this experience to carry out a long term internship at the French Embassy in Washinton DC. He tells us about his missions there, the Master’s degree program he would like to enroll in next, and what he was able to do thanks to the Marion Bruley scholarship.

“I am working within the social policies service of the French Embassy in Washington DC as an intern, which is a very enriching experience. The main issues we deal with are health, labor and social issues and our work is to inform Parisian ministries about the current events concerning these topics. My missions are very diverse: I work on press reviews, I go to congressional hearings as well as lectures in the institutes, I do reports on topics such as retirement or social security benefits ... The Master's degree for which I feel the biggest attraction is Public Affairs, and I am willing to work in the public sector before moving to the private sector. The Marion Bruley Grant ( …) enables me to travel and discover the US instead of staying fixed in Washington DC for my entire 6-month internship.”

The Marion Bruley Grant is awarded by the US Sciences Po Foundation to a student currently enrolled at Sciences Po and interning in the United States with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at either the French embassy or consulates, or another international institution such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, or the World Bank.
The Marion Bruley Grant carries a monetary value of $750/month of internship. The grant does not cover all expenses, but will help to partially cover the cost of living and to facilitate weekend traveling around the United States.

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