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ODDO BHF is an independent Fran-co-German financial services group, with a history stretching back over 160 years. It was created from the alliance of a French family-owned business built up by five genera- tions of stockbrokers and a German bank specialising in Mittelstand companies. With 2,300 employees (1,300 in Germany and 1,000 in France and Tunisia), and more than 100 billion euros in assets under management, ODDO BHF operates in three main businesses, based on significant investment in market expertise: private banking, asset management and corporate and investment banking. The Group has a specific ownership structure as 60 % of its capital is held by the Oddo family and 30% by employees. This “partnership” ethos guarantees the long-term involvement of its teams. In 2017, ODDO BHF gene- rated net  banking  income  of 5 91  million  eur os,  and   a t 31 December 2017, the Group had over 844 million euros of sharehol- ders’ equity.

Opportunités & missions pour nos étudiants

We  offer  internships,  apprenticeships, VIE (based in New York or Germany) and Graduate Programs in all business lines: corporate finance, asset management, wealth management, brokerage, equity and credit research, risk manage- ment, internal audit, etc.
For those seeking an international career, we offer a European Talents Program for graduates with up to two years of experience. This program addresses graduates willing to work in France and Germany. You will get the opportunity to meet our best experts and create business contacts with our top managers in order to boost your career.
Apply online on our career website www.oddo-bhf.com with your resume and cover letter.

If you are seeking a dynamic company where you can develop your expertise and your entrepreneurial skills, apply and join us!

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Les résultats de l’enquête jeunes diplômés 2021 portant sur la promotion 2019 révèlent une attractivité toujours aussi forte des étudiants de Sciences Po auprès des employeurs, avec 9 diplômés sur 10 en activité professionnelle. Malgré un marché de l’emploi en tension, 82 % ont trouvé leur premier emploi en moins de 6 mois, et près des ¾ occupent un emploi stable. Ils sont toujours aussi nombreux (37 %) à travailler à l’étranger dans 84 pays. Découvrez tous les résultats de notre enquête !
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