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The mission of Humanitarian Affairs is to empower young people and facilitate those youth who are passionate about positive social change. The organisation was established with a vision to set an action based example for young people interested in making a difference to those less fortunate than themselves. It aims to translate their intention and ideas into action, and provide comprehensive exposure for the development of well-rounded future leaders.

Humanitarian Affairs seeks to create a drive and sense of purpose in young leaders by equipping them with the rights skills and tools to spark a generation of dynamic individuals paving the way for the larger social good. Besides championing the cause of the young, it has developed several humanitarian initiatives in Southeast Asia: relief missions in disaster prone areas, offering educational services, distribution of provisions to the needy, and providing bicycles and stationary to children, aiming to make their access to education physically easier and possible.

Ultimately, the organisation envisions building an international network of inspired, empowered and proactive young leaders who will be influential change-makers and decision-makers of the future.

What We Do

Humanitarian Affairs symbolises the global quest to nurture young people to participate effusively as future leaders in the global sphere.

Young people are capable of and need to play a key role in building a better world as global leaders. But while the youth are concerned about universal issues, most do not know how they can make a positive difference. This is where Humanitarian Affairs comes into the picture.

The organisation’s goal is to develop and economically empower the youth through entrepreneurship and leadership programmes. Youth under Humanitarian Affairs are infused with the confidence to participate in their own development and to secure their own future.

We seek to

  • Enhance youth leadership capabilities
  • Empower youth to be positive change agents
  • Equip social entrepreneurs with skills and tools to initiate their own businesses
  • Provide opportunities of mentorship and guidance to help young people in their humanitarian endeavours

To enhance and strengthen youth empowerment, Humanitarian Affairs provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and development of their potential; a setting where young individuals can display their talents and attain skills of leadership and change.

For young people to succeed, confidence over and above knowledge is imperative. Humanitarian Affairs offers them the self-assurance and poise to be a leader of their generation.


Humanitarian Affairs Asia ( Thailand )
333/196 Moo 9 Nhongprue. Banglamung
20150 Pattaya, Thaïlande Tél : 66 85 2323 234

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