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Michaela, memberschip assistant (Europarc Federation), graduated from PSIA

Michaela KOZMINOVA (Czech Republic) Graduated in Environmental Policy Communications and Membership Assistant at EUROPARC Federation - Ragensburg (Germany)

What is your role and main responsibilities?

I am currently working at the communications department at the EUROPARC Federation – the largest network for European Protected Areas and nature professionals. My duties include for example preparing articles and updates about protected areas management on the organisation’s website, promoting activities and events of the network and of its members on social media, and creating thematic publications. That involves the whole process from content planning, searching and contacting guest authors, writing and editing, all the way to graphic design, dissemination and promotion. Like everyone from our team, I also take part in organisation of events such as workshops, webinars and online campaigns. 

How did you secure this role?

I completed my 3rd semester internship at EUROPARC as a Communications Assistant. When I was looking for a job in summer after graduating at Sciences Po, I also sent my application there and got a very warm “welcome-back” from my colleagues.

What is the most fascinating and/or surprising aspect at your role? 

One of the fascinating aspects of my role is the fact that I need to stay in the loop of all the projects and activities that everyone from our team is working on, to be able to effectively communicate and promote EUROPARC’s daily work. I enjoy keeping up with news in the European environmental policy sector in general, which enables me to see EUROPARC’s and my work in the big picture, in the framework of global environmental issues and EU policy, instead of diving deeper and deeper in one particular project or issue.

How did your PSIA experience help you with the role? 

At PSIA, I got used to working in an international setting, which is crucial in an international NGO with staff and members from all over Europe. Thanks to PSIA (including my 3rd semester internship), I understood that speaking different languages and coming from a different culture is far from being an obstacle. On the contrary, I now consider my unique background – and especially the fact that it is different from my colleagues’ – as the greatest asset I could bring to an international organisation.

What advice would you give to others? 

Stay open to learning new things and enriching your skill sets, take every chance to network, try to leave a good impression and make good use of your existing contacts. 

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Last modified 2020-11-18
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