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Psychometric tests for career guidance

Are you having trouble defining your professional interests and motivations? When you are trying to decide on a career path, self-assessment can help you make the right choices. The STRONG psychological indicator offer insight into your personality and interests.

Register for our careers workshops

Workshops for the academic year 2023-2024 have now concluded. The next workshops will start from the mid-September 2024.

Association Pour l'Emploi des Cadres (APEC) - French only

Acteur incontournable du marché de l’emploi des cadres en France, l’Apec vous propose d'accéder à des informations sur le marché, à des conseils et des services sur mesure pour réussir votre recherche d’emploi, optimiser vos outils de candidature et entrer en relation avec des entreprises, de conduire ou d'anticiper votre évolution. Des consultants vous conseillent et vous accompagnent dans la mise en œuvre de votre projet. Focus sur les services que Sciences Po Carrières vous recommandent tout particulièrement.
Séance de conseil individuel au Forum entreprises 2016

Make an appointment with a Careers adviser

Are you unsure about your career options or what job you want to do? Need some help creating your internship or graduate job search tools? Want to know more about the career opportunities for your degree programme and employers that might suit you? At any stage during the year, you can make an individual appointment to discuss your questions with a qualified careers adviser. There are a few steps you need to take, however, before we give you an appointment.

Where are our 2021 graduates working now?

We reached out to them 18 months later as part of our annual Graduate Employability Survey, conducted between December 2022 and April 2023. The results of the survey confirm that Sciences Po graduates remain as employable as ever, despite the unprecedented context in which the 2020 cohort entered the job market. Read the key findings of this year’s survey.
Stands au Forum Sciences Po Entreprises 2016

A variety of career options

Sciences Po has been educating public and private sector decision-makers working in France and worldwide for 150 years.

Career videos

Did you miss any of the presentations or round tables organized by Sciences Po Careers? Not a problem: dozens of videos are available on the Sciences Po Careers vimeo page, which you can access at any time in replay.

School of Journalism

The School of Journalism prepares students for careers in all sectors of the media – written press, radio, television and digital. The programmes combine a solid foundation in the social sciences and practice-focused instruction provided by media professionals. Our programme offers a deep knowledge of journalism practices and its shifts in the digital era.

Paris School of International Affairs

The Paris School of International Affairs offers a comprehensive education in international affairs. Graduates embark on careers in international organisations, NGOs, public administration, research institutes, etc.

Law School

The Law School educates high-calibre legal professionals with the skills to adapt and flourish in a constantly changing professional environment. Graduates have the opportunity to join the Bar or to work in business, economic regulation agencies or the judiciary.
school of research

School of Research

The Sciences Po School of Research offers research-based Master's programmes and PhD programmes in law, economics, history, political science and sociology. A graduate education at the School of Research equips students to pursue teaching or research careers and for senior positions in international organisations, consulting firms and businesses.
urban school

Urban School

The Urban School prepares students and professionals for urban governance in all its forms. Graduates find employment in the public, private and non-profit sectors at the local, national and international levels.
Smiling young female employee in stylish spectacles using stickers for creation strategy

Inventory your competencies

Are you starting to define your career goals or prepare your CV and cover letters to apply for internships or jobs? Inventorying your competencies is a crucial step.

Victoire est étudiante du master politiques publiques (Ecole d'affaires publiques). Elle a rejoint en janvier 2023 la Direction de l’Engagement de Paris 2024 pour un stage aux côtés des équipes du Label Terre de Jeux 2024. Focus sur ses missions en lien avec les collectivités, pour faire vivre les Jeux dans les territoires.
Launched by two graduates (class of 2020) from Law School : Agnès de Fortanier (Master in Economic Law) and Thomas Harbor (dual degree Sciences Po HEC), What's up EU is a newsletter putting together a concise, well-documented, and informative weekly wrap-up of the news that matters at a continental scale — from a European perspective. Sciences Po Careers interviewed Augustin Bourleaud, in charge of its edition, who is currently a double master's degree student between Sciences Po and the London School of Economics.
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