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Internships at Sciences Po

Compulsory and optional internships punctuate our students’ studies from their first undergraduate year to the award of their Master’s degree. Students are required to hand in an internship report or assignment which, in the case of compulsory internships, forms part of the assessment for completing the year. Internships may take the form of a fixed-term contract, voluntary work, 'International volunteering', or entrepreneurial project.


BACHELOR's internships

First year civic engagement internship

  • Compulsory
  • 1 month full time minimum between mid-May and the end of August
  • Internship in the public interest promoting equality and solidarity. Missions must include contact with and services provided to a target group (reception, social assistance, facilitation, support, etc.)

Fabrice Barthelemy

Second year internship : individual civic independent project

  • Compulsory internship. It shall last a total duration of 60 hours minimum
  • It can be done all year, from the end of September to the end of April
  • 3-4 consecutive hours maximum per week
  • Internship in which students actively participate in the design and/or implementation of a civic or community-service project (e.g., outreach, educational, prevention or awareness-raising activities)

Third year internship abroad

  • Six months full time maximum during the third year of study
  • This internship allows students to discover new professional experiences that help guide their choice of Master’s programme and career plan.

Christiane Laloy


→ 8888 internships and professional experiences have been declared:
 1394 first year civic internship
→ 1285 2nd year internship - individual civic independent project
→ 263 3rd year internship abroad 
→ 1663 compulsory master's internship 
→ 1970 optional internships
733 at undergraduate college level and 1237 at master level
→ 1603 gap year internships
66 at undergraduate college level and 1537 at master level 
→ 250 professional experiences
67 at undergraduate college level and 183 at master level
→ 460 volunteering
419 at undergraduate college level and 41 at master level




masters' internships

Gap year internships

  • Optional, between 3rd and 4th year or 4th and 5th year
  • 2 internships of no more than 6 months
  • The purpose of the internship must be linked to the student’s career plan and academic courses.

Compulsory final internship 5th year

  • Compulsory during the off-campus semester of the Master’s programme
  • 14 consecutive weeks minimum, full time (see calendar)
  • In France or abroad
  • The purpose of the internship must be linked to the student’s career plan and academic courses.

Optional internships

  • Possible during both years of the Master’s programme
  • Optional internships allow students to gain experience in new fields and professional activities, and refine their final internship goals and career plans.

Cyriel Pelletier

before the internship starts

  • Agree with the student on what his or her tasks will involve and how the internship is organised
  • A contract or an internship agreement must be signed before the student's mission begins

Please note! For a Sciences Po internship agreement you must :

  • sign five copies of the agreement
  • allow one week for obtaining Sciences Po's signature

during the internship

For any questions during the internship, you can contact the person overseeing the internships at Sciences Po: scpo.carrieres@sciencespo.fr

after the internship

Fill in and sign the student's internship evaluation form.

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