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Hugo Côte-Petit-François graduated from the Master in International Security

Hugo Côte-Petit-François graduated from the Master in International Security in 2016 with concentrations in Diplomacy and Middle Eastern Studies. Having recently succeeded in the French foreign service examination, he is set to start working at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June 2020.

Ilyana Skalli, student in the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action

Ilyana Skalli is a student in the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with concentrations in European Studies and Diplomacy. She completed her third semester internship with the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in the department of United Nations, International Organizations, Human Rights and Francophonie.
Louise-Anne Baudier

Louise-Anne Baudier, student in the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action

Louise-Anne Baudier is a student in the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with concentrations in Global Risks and European Studies. She is currently on a gap year, having worked for the French Red Cross and the International Criminal Court.
Lauren Johnston

Lauren Johnston graduated from the Master in International Security

Lauren Johnston graduated from the Master in International Security with concentrations in Human Rights and Middle Eastern Studies. She is currently working as an Operations Director at Patronus Medical LLC in San Diego, USA.

Camille Habe, student in the Dual Degree with the Stockholm School of Economics

Camille Habe is a student in the Dual Degree with the Stockholm School of Economics, enrolled in the Master in Environmental Policy at PSIA. She was recently awarded the European Central Bank’s Women in Economics Scholarship.

Thomas Monarchi-Comte, Responsable des affaires publiques

Du Master politiques publiques à l'écosystème pionnier Ulterïa. Découvrez le parcours de Thomas Monarchi-Comte, depuis l'obtention de son Master Politiques publiques, spécialité Administration publique, en 2018 jusqu'à son poste de Délégué général de la Fondation actionnaire et Responsable des Affaires publiques chez Ulterïa. Thomas est également conseiller municipal d’une commune de l’Yonne depuis mars 2020.
arthur binois

Arthur Binois, responsable de programmation culturelle au Musée d'Orsay

Master Politiques publiques, spécialité Culture, promotion 2015, Découvrez le parcours d’Arthur Binois depuis l'obtention de son Master à l'École d'Affaires publiques jusqu'à son poste de responsable de la programmation pour les publics 18-25 ans au Musée d’Orsay.
Marie Gervier

Marie Gervier, Communication and Event Manager for the United Nations

Master in Public Policy, policy stream Cultural Policy and Management, promotion 2018. Marie Gervier graduated from the Master in Public Policy at the School of Public Affairs, Cultural Policy and Management policy stream. She is currently working as as a Communication and Event Manager for the United Nations Office in Geneva. Testimony.
Benoit Mortgat

Portrait de Benoît Mortgat, Analyste Sûreté chez Unibail-Rodamco

Master politiques publiques, spécialité sécurité et défense, promotion 2019.Benoît Mortgat, diplômé 2019 du Master Politiques Publiques, revient sur son parcours

Katharina Poirier, Associate at PwC

Master in European Affairs, policy stream Energy, promotion 2019.What paths do our graduates take after the School of Public Affairs? Discover Katharina Poirier's testimony. She was a student of the Master of European affairs, Energy policy stream.
laurent rieder

Laurent Rieder de Saint-Joseph, Flagship Store Manager at Bulgari

Master in Public Policy, in apprenticeship, promotion 2014. Discover the path of Laurent Rieder de Saint-Joseph. Since obtaining his Master in Public policy, Laurent successfully secured management positions at Christian Dior and Richard Mille between Paris and London. He is now in charge of the UK flagship of Bulgari, the Italian jeweller and member of the LVMH group.

Océane Evrard (promotion 2018)

Du Double-Diplôme Sciences Po - HEC au cabinet Nordmann
Julien Rouvreau

Julien Rouvreau (promotion 2018)

Double-Diplôme Sciences Po - LSE en affaires européennes, à YCE Partners

From Sciences Po to the Deep Blue Sea

One is dedicated to ridding it of plastic, the other to replanting its corals: two Sciences Po graduates explain how and why they have created a business devoted to protecting the oceans. In the context of the first Ecological Transition Careers Fair, we spoke to Marie Le Texier, Founder of ConsultantSeas, a consulting firm, and Anne-Sophie Roux, Founder of Tenaka.


Diplômé de Sciences Po en 2002, Fabrice Amedeo a déjà plusieurs vies. Journaliste, auteur, et désormais navigateur au long cours, ce quarantenaire s'apprête à prendre le départ du Vendée Globe 2020 à la barre d'un monocoque doté de capteurs ultra-sophistiqués qui lui permettent d'allier passion pour la voile et protection de l'environnement. Portrait en vidéo.
Aliénor Parmentier

The Choice for Ecology: From Awareness to Action

Aliénor Parmentier graduated from PSIA in 2017. The very next day, she created her own consulting agency for innovative, collaborative and sustainable projects. She participated in the creation of a zero waste café in Lorient, Code Ø, and is the head of communications and zero waste workshops there.
réveil écologique

Pour un réveil écologique : quand les étudiants s'engagent

Lancé en septembre 2018, le Manifeste Étudiant pour un Réveil Écologique a été signé par près de 30 000 étudiants provenant de plus de 400 établissements d’enseignement supérieur en France. Le collectif "Pour un réveil écologique" s'est constitué pour prolonger cette dynamique et inscrire ce besoin d'agir dans les faits. Membres de l'équipe permanente, Théo Miloche et Claire Egnell, tous deux étudiants en master à Sciences Po, expliquent pourquoi ils se sont engagés, et ce qu'ils ont accompli.
samina ansari


Samina graduated from the School of International Affairs (PSIA) in . Today she is the Executive Director of the Women's center based at The American University of Afghanistan. She also teaches Gender and Afghan Politics. Her main role is giving to Afghan women economic opportunity and a voice to participate in the debates of peace negociations.

A Brilliant Journey: Wesley Lainé, Law School graduate

Wesley Lainé graduated from the Sciences Po Law School in 2016. We caught up with him to talk about his remarkable academic and professional journey, from his first studies to what he is doing now.
Margot Dupé

Margot Dupé

Margot Dupé is a student in the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with concentrations in Diplomacy and Middle Eastern studies. She recently completed an internship with the with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Nairobi, Kenya.
mas mahmud

I challenge each of us to think of humanity

Mas Mahmud came to France as a refugee. In June 2019, he graduated with a Master’s from the Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs.
Utsav Shah

Utsav Shah Masters in International Economic Policy at PSIA

Utsav Shah is currently in his third semester of the Masters in International Economic Policy at PSIA, Sciences Po with concentrations in Emerging Economies and European Studies. He is currently working as a Policy Research Intern with the Central Asia team in the Global Relations Secretariat of the OECD in Paris, and also recently completed a summer internship with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Adam Fifield graduated from the Masters in International Development at PSIA

Adam Fifield graduated from the Masters in International Development at PSIA, Sciences Po with concentrations in Latin America and Emerging Economies. He is currently working as a Cash Transfer Programming Consultant with the UNFAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).
intern rehakov

Lucie Rehakova, Master of International Security at PSIA

Lucie Rehakova is currently in her third semester of the Master of International Security at PSIA, with concentrations in Russian Affairs and Diplomacy. She is currently working as a Project Manager at the London-based consultancy International Governance and Risk Institute (GovRisk), which works with various public and private sector clients on matters regarding anti-corruption, illicit financing, integrity, risk, and governance.
Ankit Mishra

Ankit Mishra graduated from the Master in International Economic Policy

He is currently working as working as a Growth Strategy and Data Analytics Manager at Pngme in San Francisco, a mobile finance platform that connects lenders to entrepreneurs and businesses by using an alternative data credit score.

Axelle Sorret graduated in 2018 from Master in International Security

Axelle Sorret graduated in 2018 from Master in International Security with concentrations in Middle East Studies and Migrations. Axelle is currently working as a Deputy Operations Director in the French security company Anticip, based in Paris.

Morgan Martinez graduated in 2019 with a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action

Morgan Martinez graduated in 2019 with a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with concentrations in Diplomacy and Latin America. Morgan is currently working as an International Project Manager for Simplon.co, a network of socially-conscious coding bootcamps that provide tuition-free digital skills trainings to job seekers and individuals that are underrepresented in the tech sector (women, refugees, individuals with disabilities, kids, etc.) Morgan is based in Montreuil, a suburb just outside of Paris.
mc cann

Brent McCann graduated in 2018 with a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action

Brent McCann graduated in 2018 with a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with concentrations in African Studies and Methods. Brent is currently working for Camber Collective, a mission-driven strategy consulting firm engaging with philanthropic, humanitarian, and governmental organizations on a wide array of development topics e.g. women’s empowerment, family planning, climate change. Brent is based in Paris, while Camber Collective has additional offices in Seattle and San Francisco.
Ubisoft @shutterstock

What are our graduates up to at Ubisoft ?

Bastien, Etienne and Stéphanie, all graduates of the School of Management and Innovation, were recruited by Ubisoft after a meeting at the Careers Forum, a gap year internship, or an apprenticeship. Ubisoft is a world-wide actor in entertainment. It is present in more than 40 countries with more than 16,000 creative talents from 95 different countries. What positions do our young graduates occupy today? Why did they want to join Ubisoft? Does one have to be a 'gamer' to integrate Ubisoft’s teams? Here is what they say about their experience at 'Ubi' ...

De l'École doctorale au métier d'entrepreneur social*

À 23 ans et tout juste diplômée du master recherche en Science politique, mention politique comparée, Anne-Sophie Roux a fondé la première start-up sociale pour reconstruire et protéger les barrières de corail du monde entier.

Fempo, la success story

FEMPO est une start-up qui propose des culottes en tissu lavable destinées à remplacer les protections hygiéniques. Accompagné par l’incubateur de Sciences Po en 2018, ce projet est né de la rencontre de deux alumnae, Fanny Abes, diplômée du master en politique économique internationale, et Claudette Lovencin, diplômée du master en politique publique. En à peine quelques mois, leur entreprise rencontre un beau succès avec près de 30 000 utilisatrices et un chiffre d’affaire qui double chaque mois. Rencontre avec les créatrices de cette success-story made in Sciences Po.
Kate in Irak

How I experienced my internship in Irak

Kate is a second year Master student in International Development with concentrations in Middle East Studies and Human Rights. She completed her third semester internship at a 4points Group, a third party monitoring and evaluation firm in Erbil, Iraq.

Des étudiants engagés sur le terrain

Né avec la réforme du Bachelor, il y a un an, le parcours civique est un dispositif unique qui se déploie sur les trois premières années de formation et structure le curriculum. Obligatoire pour tous, le parcours civique valorise l’apprentissage actif de la citoyenneté et de la responsabilité sociale en proposant aux étudiants de lier les enseignements du bachelor à des engagements sur le terrain.
Alice Koskas

Alice Koskas: from Sciences Po to Hermès

Alice Koskas graduated from the Master of Finance and Strategy (School of Management and Innovation) in 2009 and is now Merchandising director for fashion accessories at Hermès. During her third year abroad studying at Fudan University in China, she encountered the world of art and design. From there, driven by both Sciences Po’s values and her taste for art, crafts and commerce, it was only natural that she should join Hermès, where the corporate culture is focused on people, creativity and freedom of initiative.
Rime Melake

World Food Programme in Ethiopia: how collaborative work can serve the most vulnerable populations to achieve zero hunger.

Rim Melake is a Dual Degree Student at Sciences Po and Bocconi University. In Paris, she studies International Development with the concentrations in Agriculture and Global Health - in Milan, Economics and Management of Governments and International Organisations. At the end of her M1, she was offered to return a second time in Ethiopia to work as an intern for the WFP Relief and the Refugee team in Addis Ababa.

Engagée pour les Océans

À l’occasion de la Semaine des Océans à Sciences Po, nous avons rencontré Ève Isambourg, étudiante en 3ème année du Collège universitaire et activiste pour la protection des océans. Après deux ans sur les bancs du campus de Paris, Ève a consacré sa troisième année à l’étranger à mobiliser les esprits sur les questions océaniques autour du monde. Dernière étape de sa mission et non des moindres : une conférence devant l’ONU à New York.

Mon stage en immersion dans la géopolitique internationale au sein de CMA CGM

Actuellement en Master d’affaires publiques européennes à Sciences Po Paris, Camille recherchait une expérience nouvelle pour son stage de fin d’études, hors de sa zone de confort. En optant pour Marseille et l’industrie du shipping, Camille a découvert la richesse et la complexité d'un univers jusqu'alors inconnu : celui du transport maritime. Elle s’est immergée dans un environnement nouveau, fascinant, extrêmement en prise avec l’actualité géopolitique internationale. Retour sur une expérience de stage hors-norme.
Roxanne Varza, Directrice de Station F et diplômée de Sciences Po

"When I discovered the French startup system, I was hooked!

On 11 October, delegates from Station F spoke at Sciences Po to give students a glimpse of life inside the biggest start-up campus in the world – and the only one in Paris. Station F Director Roxanne Varza, an alumna of Sciences Po, discussed the richness of possibility for entrepreneurs starting out in one of the tech world’s most underrated capital cities, as well as Station F’s methods for reeling in the very best of them. We asked where her particular passion for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem came from and what role universities have to play in inspiring the founders of tomorrow's tech giants.


Nora Poggi is a Sciences Po Master of Communications and the Director-Producer of the award-winning documentary film, "She Started It" on women tech entrepreneurs. The film was named one of "5 Must-Watch Movies for Entrepreneurs in 2017" by Inc Magazine and was shown at over 300 events, at Harvard University, Columbia University, Yale University, Stanford University, The World Bank, Disney, Google, Apple, Microsoft, as well as numerous film festivals, conferences and high schools. Shot in Silicon Valley, New York, Vietnam, Europe and elsewhere, the film follows five young women on their road to start-up success. Nora Poggi will be at Sciences Po for a projection of the film on 3, April 2018. After the success of the documentary in the US, Nora and her team are launching the film in France. Interview with the Director-Producer.
Zipporah Gakuu


Zipporah Gakuu is a first-year student and part of the first cohort of Mastercard Foundation scholars at Sciences Po. From Kenya to her first steps on campus to today, her commitment to giving back to society and defending women and children’s rights is growing everyday.
emilie chen

L'apprentissage : la voie royale pour décrocher un CDI après son diplôme

Entrée chez BNP Paribas en tant qu’apprentie en Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale, Emilie Chen a été embauchée comme Chargée de mission Environnement à l'issue de son Master Communication.
Julia Galan in the kitchen

Ma mission de stage civique de terrain ? "Feed the people" !

Nouveauté de cette année 2018 pour les étudiants du 1er cycle du Collège universitaire, le "parcours civique" intégré à leur formation, leur propose de tisser des liens entre leurs enseignements suivis en sciences humaines et sociales et des expériences d'engagement menées sur le terrain à travers notamment dès la 1ère année, le stage civique de terrain. Pour celles et ceux qui se demandent à quoi peut ressembler un stage civique et qui cherchent des exemples de mission, le stage de terrain qu'avait réalisé Julia Galan au sein de l'association Help Refugees, à Thessalonique, en est une parfaite illustration. Témoignage...
Alix Defrain-Meunier

My dream of working in New York at the heart of the diplomatic world came true

Thanks to the Marion Bruley Scholarship, Alix Defrain-Meunier interned at the French Consulate in New York. The financial aid was essential for her to carry out her plan of interning in New York. She shares her rich and intense professional experience at the heart of the city which never sleeps with us.

Are you East-Coast or West-Coast?

For Oualid Bachiri, a student at the Sciences Po School of Communication, to have an experience in the United States was a priority. Not only do the States have a strong internship culture but professional experience in the country is well looked-upon by recruiters. New York and San Francisco are very attractive centres but which to choose? Oualid gives his personal take on his experience in both cities. And may as well say it from the start: both were worth it!
career USA

Being an intern in San Francisco

Swept away by the new tech wave, Lisa Bardet, currently a Master’s student in Economics and Business, interned for eleven months at the Chamber of Franco-American Commerce in San Francisco during her third year. She told us about her professional experience in the San Francisco technopole.
image Johnny Chin

Sillicon Valley - the American Dream for Start-Ups?

"Failure isn’t seen as something negative, but as something to respect." Johnny Chin is co-founder and CEO of Bannerman in San Francisco, USA. He's an American national from the Bay Area and graduated from Sciences Po in Finance and Strategy 2010. In 2013, Chin launched his start up Bannerman in San Francisco. Christiane Laloy and Fabrice Barthelemy met with him in San Francisco in May 2016 and talked about his career as a founder in the startup ecosystem of San Francisco. Here is the success story of a French-American startuper in San Francisco.
Claire Chabaud Endeer


Claire Chabaud, a Master of Economics and Business student at Sciences Po, has just won first prize in the Bpifrance #PitchTonInno awards for students with her partner Anastasia Ruiz, a fashion design student at ESMOD. Thanks to the €30,000 FrenchTech grant this has earned them, the students' project for made-to-measure 3D-printed lingerie will be able to see the light of day. We talked to Claire.

Why spend your third year as an intern in the investment sector when you want to pursue a career in Public Affairs ?

Since his high-school years, Thomas Monarchi-Comte decided he would devote himself to the “res publica”, the public sector. Encouraged by his friends and family who confirm that his profile corresponds to his high-raking public official, Thomas entered the Sciences Po-Dijon campus. Although he knew he would continue his studies at the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, he decided to shift away from his first interest of serving the country for the sake of a third year internship…
Yanis Bacha


A la fois étudiant à l'École de Journalisme de Sciences Po et apprenti à la rédaction des sports de Canal +, Yanis Bacha réalise des commentaires audio-descriptifs des matches de foot de l’Euro. Un dispositif original mis en place par l’association Cafe Football* pour rendre la compétition accessible aux supporters aveugles et malvoyants. Rencontre avec Yanis, en direct depuis la tribune de presse du Stade de France.
Adama Gaye
Photo d'un pull avec intitulé Service civique
Oumar Yarani KEITA

Comment le stage de 3A m'a aidé à appréhender le marché du travail

De retour à Paris, entre les murs de Sciences Po, Oumar Yarani Keita rentre tout juste d'un stage 3A de huit mois effectué au sein d'un cabinet d'avocats au Sénégal. Il a mené sa recherche de stage comme une recherche d'emploi, et souhaite partager sa méthode de recherche avec tous les étudiants qui chercheraient un stage....
Portrait Eva Bernard

Eva Bernard, from master of public affairs to the World Bank

Discover Eva Bernard's career path, recent graduate from Sciences Po now working as a consultant at the Workd Bank in Washington DC.

La bourse Pierre Ledoux - un coup de pouce financier pour partir en stage à l'étranger

Le budget personnel pour des stages à l’étranger ayant souvent insuffisant, les bourses sont plus qu’un simple aide financier pour réaliser un stage à l’international comme l’a fait Manon Frugier, actuellement en Master International Public Management. Jeune Européenne, Manon n’avait quitté le monde occidental qu’à l’occasion de rares voyages. Un court passage par Dubaï et Oman en 2006 lui n’avait guère prédisposée à partir un beau jour d’octobre 2015 travailler à Bahreïn. Manon confirme qu’elle »… serait jamais partie sans la généreuse aide de la Fondation de France via leur programme de bourse Pierre Ledoux. » Voici toute son histoire…
Manon Grossard


Etudiante à l'École d'Affaires Publiques, spécialité culture, Manon Grossard a choisi d'effectuer un stage de césure au Lycée français de New York entre son M1 et son M2. Témoignage d'une expérience professionnelle dans le domaine culturel...
Augustin Chirol


Like all undergraduate Sciences Po students, Augustin has spent his third year abroad. He has taking advantage of this experience to carry out a long term internship at the French Embassy in Washinton DC. He tells us about his missions there, the Master’s degree program he would like to enroll in next, and what he was able to do thanks to the Marion Bruley scholarship.

J'ai fait mon année de césure en zone de guerre

Étudiant à l’École de journalisme de Sciences Po, Pierre Sautreuil suit son master 2 en apprentissage au sein de l’Agence France Presse. Son année de césure, il l’a passée en Ukraine sur le front, avec les séparatistes pro-russes. Une expérience de reporter de guerre à 21 ans qui lui a valu le prix Bayeux Calvados du Jeune reporter en octobre 2015. Rencontre.

Stagiaires sans Frontière : un concept innovant de stage à découvrir au Forum entreprises

Félix de Monts et Holy Sicard-Razaka, 24 ans, tous deux diplômés de Sciences Po, sont passionnés d’innovation sociale et pleins d’enthousiasme. Le jour du Forum dans le corner start up, ils vous présenteront leur concept original de stage partagé, en faveur de l'innovation sociale des entreprises.


30.06.2020 - 11.07.2020
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Master in Public Policy, policy stream Cultural Policy and Management, promotion 2018. Marie Gervier graduated from the Master in Public Policy at the School of Public Affairs, Cultural Policy and Management policy stream. She is currently working as as a Communication and Event Manager for the United Nations Office in Geneva. Testimony.
Perline Manuel est diplômée 2015 du master Marketing. Aujourd'hui elle est en charge de la revalorisation des conteneurs maritimes dits "de dernier voyage". Focus sur sa mission et son parcours au sein de l'entreprise familiale leader du transport maritime, de la gestion de zone commerciale aux projets au format intrapreneurial.
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